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Welcome! welkom! bienvenidos! Karibu!

​I am Lynette, a qualified Reiki therapist and intuitive based in North London. My aim is to facilitate a safe space for people to feel seen, heard and held during their healing process and journey. 

Nothing about our healing journey's is linear but I believe that every step taken is progress.

I currently operate in North and East London and also run mobile reiki services In and around north and East London. 

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Nikki Rowe

“Give yourself permission to let it hurt but also allow yourself the permission to let it heal"


I have now had 2 reiki sessions with Lynette, one in person & one distance. Both were very equally powerful & uplifting experiences. Lynette is very professional & personable which makes the lead up to the session easy. When I then got into my session it was clear that Lynette has a natural ability & passion for reiki practice. On both occasions I’ve come away feeling uplifted, positive & relaxed. Thank you Lynette for such a brilliant experience, I will definitely be a lifetime client.


Lynette has such a good aura around her! Made me feel so peaceful and calm. Her presence around me felt so gentle and not invasive if that makes sense! I loved our session so much! Thank you x


I felt completely met and seen by Lynette - mind, body and soul. She’s both warm and powerful. I don’t know how she does what she does - but it works! She’s a gifted healer and I feel so lucky to have met her! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


I had a Reiki healing session with Lynette & it was truly a memorable experience. She made me feel relaxed as I was a bit apprehensive at first. My body gradually just went into a state of stillness naturally and I completely just dozed off. I could feel the heat from he hands as she placed her hands over certain paths of my body. 
I felt light after and a bit emotional at the same time. 

It’s truly something you’d have to experience for yourself. 

Would highly recommend.