My name is Lynette Browne and I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner and practitioner member of the Reiki Academy London.

I am a born intuitive and empath, although it took me most of my life to come to find the words let alone come to this realisation. For many years, I focussed on the outer such as ensuring I always secured full time employment purely for stability and financial security and constant validation from others. Throughout this chase of what I perceived as being “successful”, healthy and “normal” at the time, the never-ending patterns of self-sabotage and imposter syndrome would often get in the way which always hindered my natural gifts and creativity.

Years later, I thought I had made it and was on the rise to making it big. I landed a well-paid corporate job with opportunities to grow. My children lacked nothing, my fiancé and I were saving for a mortgage and things were looking up!

Great! So why Reiki? Why am I here doing this full time?

Exactly 1 week after my 33rd birthday, I received the most dreaded call of my life. Without going into the traumatic details, my father had passed on unexpectedly and suddenly. This was the catalyst which propelled me to finally make the changes I needed to make in my life. 2 weeks later, I handed in my notice at work, completed my Reiki training and decided to only focus on my own healing and on things which serve my highest good.

I am a born healer and intuitive. I denied myself the opportunity to authentically grow and be who I was sent to this earthly plane to be in the past and I now choose to stand in my power and be of service to others and myself as we all should!

Outside of Reiki, you can find me goofing around with my children and partner, roller skating, dancing, writing, reading, doing some closet divination, talking to my crystals or spending time with friends, family and my cat.

Ok! Enough about me! I look forward to meeting all the beautiful souls ready to trust me to be a conduit in their healing journey.

Love x