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Release that which no longer serves you

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

From the famous words of Erikah Badu's song "Bag Lady"

Bag lady you gone hurt your back

Dragging all them bags like that

I guess nobody ever told you

All you must hold onto

Is you, is you, is you...

No, this isn't about leaving others behind and caring only for yourself. Merely, to simply recognise that you cannot save or be of use to anyone else when your shoulders and heart are heavy.

The time is now, the veil between the physical and spiritual/metaphysical world is thinning and it's important to release everything and everyone that no longer serves your higher purpose. Many of us are feeling drained, exasperated, struggling with mental fatigue and spiritual blockages from the imbalanced energy exchanges of things, situations and people we once poured or gave our full attentions to. Trust me, I know the feeling as I too feel the same.

In order for us to do this, we must first look within and do the work. Paying our karmic debts sounds very intense and heavy as a phrase in itself, but it's no hidden possibility that we all come into this plane of reality with past karma/lives; both generationally and individually.

For the last full moon (October 31st 2020), wrote a list of toxic traits, habits, situations and people that made me feel horrible about myself on a list of paper and titled it ' Things I would like to release'. I prayed over it, asking my guides, the ascended masters, ancestors and Divine source to help in facilitating my transition into a new journey. I then tore it up into small pieces & burned it. I was brutally honest with my negative habits and traits and didn't solely focus on external factors and other people because essentially, I am the master of how I feel. Yes I get triggered often as there are things I haven't fully healed from but it's important for me to take accountability for myself.

Just as we would go on a detox/cleanse when we feel internally clogged of junk food or clear out or wardrobes of old clothes we no have use for; the same also applies for our spiritual selves and our souls. Its so easy to remain distracted by Netflix, bury our heads in social media and numb ourselves with short term highs; we all have our moments and no one better than the other. But how long do these high's last?

Though the journey to healing is never linear or on a steady increase and facing our shadow selves can feel excruciating, once we truly start to remind ourselves that we are worthy, we are enough, we deserve goodness in our lives and good energy around us, the journey will begin.

We've got this.

You've got this.

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